5 Valentines Day Make Up Ideas to Try in 2020

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. We all want to look our best, but this occasion is also a great time to experiment with some new ideas. If you’re getting yourself date-night ready, make sure to check out these hot tips and ideas for your makeup look! 

#1: Pink Tones

During this time of the year, anything and everything is branded pink and red in the spirit of the holiday. This theming is definitely represented in current makeup trends. Pink toned makeup is possibly the hottest look to try for Valentine’s, and it’s trendier than ever in 2020! 

There are a wide variety of variations that you can do to try out this concept. The first is going to be on the eyes. The eyes are a great place to play around with new ideas, as there are so many techniques and styles you can go for. It may be intimidating to use pink tones on the eyes, but we promise that you can achieve this trend without looking ill. 

Try a more brown-toned pink to ease your way into this color palette, it’s much more subtle and can mimic the natural shadows of the contours of your face. Additionally, a pinkish sparkle swept across the center of your eyes can really make them pop. Additionally, a pink blush can provide a youthful glow to the entire face. Try using a mid-toned pink that has a similar depth to your natural skin tone and use a fluffy brush to swipe it across the apples of your cheeks. Pink lipstick can also make your pout pop! 

#2: Old Hollywood Glam

The vintage look is back in style for Valentines Day this year, and there are a plethora of variations that you can try to achieve this classic look. When you think of Old Hollywood Glam, images of 1930s starlets pop into your mind. This look is elegant and classy, perfect for if you’re looking to get a little extra glam this year, perhaps for a nice dinner date or night out of the town. 

To achieve this look, start with a simple black winged liner and polish it off with a sleek red lipstick. This look is great because it is suitable and flattering for all skin tones and face shapes. Its truly a makeup look that you simply can’t go wrong with. 

#3: Natural Beauty

Natural beauty looks have made a massive return to popularity in recent years, so we expect it to be especially popular on Valentines Day! Natural beauty devotes itself to the enhancement of your natural features. This type of makeup application doesn’t cover up the beautiful face you were blessed with, it simply accentuates it! 

To achieve a natural beauty look, keep all applications light and minimal. Try not to load up too much on powder products, as these can often make your makeup look heavier and can even age your appearance. Try a more “glowy” regimen with cream products and subtle shimmers.

#4: Get a Facial

While this isn’t technically a makeup look, your skin dramatically affects the way that makeup lays and looks on your skin. Go to your local esthetician and get them to develop a facial routine that will give you the glow you want for this special night! Fresh and clean skin will reduce poorly timed breakouts and manage oiliness or dryness that can threaten the integrity of your makeup throughout the evening. 

#5: A Smokey Eye

While this isn’t necessarily a new trend, it will always be one of our go-to looks for romantic occasions. The smokey eye is so iconic and sexy that it really needs no introduction. If it’s heavier than the makeup you usually wear, don’t worry, there are many variations that are much less intense than the black orbs you might have seen on the red carpet.

For the beginner smokey eye wear-er, start with a slightly more toned-down version by doing a brown version instead of the classic black, Brown is slightly more subtle and easier to blend out seamlessly. 

For a Professional Touch…

While it can be fun to try these looks at home, if you’re wanting to really go all out, you may want to consider enlisting some help! Getting the assistance of a professional cosmetologist can really make all the difference. They can do all of these makeup looks if you’re tempted to give them a try, plus they can even help fix your hair! 

If you’re interested in helping people achieve their most beautiful selves, you may enjoy a career as a cosmetologist, and Genesis Career College has an amazing program to get certified, check us out! 

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