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Career Center

The Help You Need to Find Employment

Landing the right job opportunity after you graduate is vitally important. That’s why we offer career assistance services to help you get licensed and certified, find employers, and make the best impression when interviewing for available positions.

Our career center is here for you:
  • Externships
  • Cover letter / resume writing classes
  • Mock job interviews
  • State board licensing test prep and mock exams
  • Professional development classes


Genesis Career College's master barber students practice putting on haircut capes


Providing you with real-world experience prior to graduation, Genesis offers externships at high-quality businesses in your future field.

Externships last for four weeks, and are available to students who have completed all call and lab work.

Ready for your externship? Contact your career services department today!

Cover letter / resume writing classes

Whether you’re a Health & Medicine or Beauty & Wellness student, improving your career skills is a crucial part of securing a job in your industry.

The right cover letter can be the difference between getting noticed and skipped over, and your resume offers the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the new skills and training you’ve acquired. When you need to create or edit your resume and cover letter, our career advisors are there to help.

These free, industry-tailored, week-long courses are available twice per year for Beauty & Wellness students and every five months for students in the School of Health & Medicine.

Contact your career services department to set up an appointment for a group session or to meet one-on-one, whichever works best for you.

Mock job interviews

Taking part in a mock interview can be invaluable when you’re preparing to land your dream job and start your new career. You have the answers in your head but it can be hard to tell someone else, especially when you’re thinking fast under pressure.

Genesis can help you nail down your story, your strengths and the problems you can help solve – through mock job interviews.

Available at every location, these free, 30-minute mock interview courses are structured to prepare you for success. So go ahead – land that dream job.

State board licensing test prep and mock exams

Once you’ve completed your coursework and finished resume-writing and mock interview courses in the Genesis career center, you’ll be prepared to take your state board exam. Getting ready for this final step of your certification can seem daunting, but our test instructors are here to help.

We offer state board simulations that are very similar to the real one you’ll take, whether that’s for cosmetology, dental assistant or another program. These mock state board exams will help you learn timing, strategy and focus, and they’ll give you a great sense of what to expect. You can take as many mock exams as you want to prepare you for getting your state licensure or certification.

Guest speakers

Each campus hosts a wide variety of guest speakers, offering you the chance to learn and connect with someone in your industry in the immediate area.


In addition, when it comes to starting their new careers, students like to know the big picture:

  • What licensing is required?
  • What is the application and test-taking process?
  • How and when are licenses renewed?
  • What is the step-by-step process for becoming a massage therapist? A medical assistant? A pharmacy tech?

The Genesis career center paints you the picture and makes it all seem simple.

For more on how our graduates become active in their new careers, visit our “Getting Your License/Certification” page and “Your Career – Step by Step.”