Why You Should Consider Becoming a Medical Assistant

Working as a medical assistant (MA) can be a fast-paced and rewarding career. From assisting patients, doctors, and nurses to performing administrative tasks, medical assistants work hard to ensure the hospital or medical facility is running smoothly and every patient is receiving the best care possible. Here is why you should consider a career as a medical assistant.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

Medical Assistants are considered the backbone of any hospital or medical facility. This is because they are multi-skilled professionals ready to help with everything from patient care to paperwork. This makes them the perfect support for doctors, patients, and other nurses. MA duties can include the following:

  • Clinical Work

A medical assistant’s clinical duties usually involve recording vital signs, collecting medical information from patients, and giving medication under the supervision of a physician. Medical assistants may also explain procedures to patients and their families, assist doctors during routine exams, draw blood, perform tests, change bandages and dressings, and take electrocardiograms.

  • Administrative Work

Medical assistants may also find themselves behind the front desk at a hospital or doctor’s office scheduling appointments, answering phones, managing billing, or simply greeting patients. In an administrative role, MAs may also file patients’ medical and insurance records and use the facility’s computer software.

Medical Assistant Job Opportunities   

Medical assistants are an important part of any medical team. That means MAs have a variety of options when it comes to what environment they want to work in. Some facilities that need medical assistants include:

  • Hospitals

MAs can find employment on just about any floor of a hospital. From the maternity ward to the emergency room, every area of a hospital requires highly-skilled medical assistants. Hospitals are often a great place to start your medical assisting career because they can offer new MAs a wide range of experience. This allows MAs to learn about a variety of specialties and then choose the one they would like to further their career in. 

  • Clinics

Clinics, such as urgent care facilities, offer non-emergency care to people in the community. At these clinics, MAs are often seen behind the front desk, assisting doctors, or keeping patients comfortable while they wait to see a physician. 

  • Private Practices

Like in a hospital setting, there are dozens of specialties to pick from when choosing a private practice group to work for. MAs can work for physicians who specialize in cardiology, gynecology, pediatrics, and a variety of other focuses. Working in a private practice setting gives MAs the unique opportunity to build relationships with patients and become an expert in that particular area of medicine.

  • Other Options

Medical assistants can also find employment in nursing homes, retirement facilities, and in private homes. MAs can even work overseas as an International Medical Assistant through certain programs.

What Training Do You Need to Become a Medical Assistant?

The demand for medical assistants is on the rise. In fact, medical assisting continues to be one of the fastest-growing career tracks in medicine. This means more jobs are opening up for medical assistants across the country, but these positions are going fast and only to the most qualified candidates. That is why it is important to become a Certified Medical Assistant to make sure you stand out from all other candidates.

Medical assistants are often required to be ready to multi-task, work under pressure, and think on their feet. And because of the multi-skill nature of the job, MAs must become experts in a variety of subjects to qualify for a position. During your training, future medical assistants will take classes in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, total patient care, and medical office administration. Once you have completed the necessary courses, you will be ready for the Certified Medical Assistant Exam. A passing score on this evaluation will mean you are a qualified medical assistant and can begin an exciting career in medicine.

Start Your Career with Genesis

It is a great time to begin your career as a medical assistant. And the first step to a successful career is getting world-class, hands-on training from professionals in the healthcare industry. Genesis Career College offers a Medical Assistant Program in Cookeville and Lebanon, Tennessee as well as Dalton and South Atlanta, Georgia. With new classes starting every month, Genesis makes it easier than ever to kickstart your career.


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