The Best At-Home Haircut Fails of the 2020 Quarantine

While many states are starting to re-open barbershops and salons, for many of us, it has been a while since we got a fresh hair-cut or color. Many of these businesses have been shut down in order to maintain social distancing measures that were put in place to combat COVID-19. This situation has caused a massive rise in people trying to do their own hair at home. As you can imagine, this has resulted in some pretty hilarious styles, cuts, and coloring jobs. There have been lots of trendy styles that people have botched by trying them at home. We assembled our favorite hair fails of the 2020 quarantine. Hopefully, these will convince you to wait it out until you can see a professional for your next ‘do!

1) Botched Bangs

Image Credit: vov

Cutting your own bangs has been one of the biggest trends of quarantine living this year. Potentially due to the lack of available stylists, but many people are trying out this style due to pure boredom. A simple YouTube search will reveal many videos of people poorly executing their fringe (bangs) trims at home. A common theme throughout these hair fails is that the at-home offenders seem to be pulling their fringe too tight before making bold chops. This approach leads to super choppy bangs when your hair naturally springs back up, especially in the center of the bangs. Women everywhere have learned this lesson the hard way and ended up with a much more blunt look than they initially desired!

2) The Classic Bowl Cut

Image Credit: @ChalkyHooper

This old 90s classic is making its revival! You heard it here folks, the bowl cut is back in, unfortunately, it’s only “in” with the quarantine crowd. The simplicity of the bowl cut lends itself well to at-home creation. It actually became famous for being the go-to cut for moms to perform on their son’s hair. This retro ‘do is a quarantine staple, but it might not be as flattering when you finally have to go out and face the world.

3) Fresh Fades

Image Credit: LeAnne Cantrell

Fades are something that even experienced barbers sometimes struggle with, so needless to say, all of these amateurs trying to perfect it at home doesn’t leave them looking their best. Anyone can buy a pair of hair clippers off of Amazon, but it takes training and pure skill to be able to accomplish a smooth and gradual fade. This is especially true for people trying to accomplish this look on themselves rather than having a family member or someone from their home help them out. It’s definitely a struggle to get those lines straight and even around the back of the head and nape of the neck.

4) The Mullet

Image Credit: The Mirror

The mullet is an iconic look that has made its way back from the 1980s to rear its ugly head during the 2020 quarantine. The style features a short chop in the front with long strands along the back of the head, making this a popular option for DIY enthusiasts. While it may make you chuckle while you’re home alone with your family, this is going to be rough to grow out gracefully once quarantine ends.

5) Bad Bleaching

Image Credit: Mia Marie

Bleach is one of the trickiest processes to master, and people trying to pull it off at home are truly playing with fire. Hair bleach is a serious chemical that can easily damage your hair if misused in the slightest of ways. Bleach left on for too long, or using a stronger bleach than your hair can manage can quite literally make your hair fall out in clumps and break off. At-home bleaching can even injure you and leave you with long-term wounds. Bleach left too close to the scalp can leave your scalp with nasty chemical burns, as well as any skin the bleach may touch such as the ears, face, or hands. A particularly popular trend for the spring of 2020 has been for women to bleach the front strands of their hair, but unless you’re willing to commit to this style for years to come, it will be difficult to reverse or grow out. Instead, maybe leave the bleaching to the professionals so that you don’t run the risk of massive damage, injury, or general regret.

Save it for the Salons

We’re all going a little bit crazy after being cooped up in our homes for so long, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to be making rash decisions about our hair. Depending on your exact area, you may have to wait a bit longer to get your hair done by a professional, but trust us, it’ll be worth it. You can support your local stylists, and get a fabulous new look once it is safe for salons and barbershops to re-open. Cuts and colors are best left to the professionals, as they’re properly trained on how to best care for your hair. If you can hold out a little longer, you can get a hairdo that is fresh and funky enough to stun the world when you step back out on the town!

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