Quick Spring Fixes for Hair, Nails, and Skin

It’s official: we’ve sprung forward into warmer temperatures and sunnier days! That means it’s time to freshen your look. Here are a few quick, painless tips to brighten up your hair, nails, and skin for spring:


Try adding highlights to brighten up your look and cool off some of your warmer winter tones. You can keep it simple with blonde accents for just a little bit of lightness. Or, if you feel like embracing all the colors of spring, try adding a few pastel accents. A touch of light pink, a hint of mint green, or even a little lavender can add a lot of style without being overbearing.

If adding color is too drastic for you, opt for a quick cut—simply adding layers, bangs, or taking off a bit of length can completely change your style and freshen up your hair!


Color might not be your choice for hair but, for nails, color is key! If you’re like most folks, your nails have been rocking dark colors for winter—jewel tones, deep reds, and dark neutrals. A fresh look is right at your fingertips!
You don’t have to stick to pastels (although those are great for adding a hint of color without being too bright); try shades of coral, bright blues and pinks, and sunny yellow tones for a fun start to warmer weather.

For guys, try treating yourself to manicure. You can skip the nail polish (or not!), but you’ll walk away with clean and groomed nails, healthy cuticles, and ultra-moisturized hands; all of which are key after the drying, chapping effects of winter weather.


Speaking of winter weather: the cold can dry out your skin and chap your lips. Combat the effects of winter and get ready for spring by focusing on moisturizing properly. Men and women alike can benefit from quality skincare.
Try exfoliating with a gentle scrub (check out this one from Clinique) to get rid of dead skin. Then, wash the area with warm soap and water, making sure to remove all the exfoliants as well. Finally, moisturize the area to soften and hydrate. We recommend using something like Clinique’s three-step system. These products are recommended for your face, but you can certainly use the same regimen—exfoliate, wash, moisturize—for your whole body!

As always, one important key to keeping soft, smooth skin is to drink your water. You’ve seen us recommend this before, and that’s because it’s crucial! Especially as temps warm up, you will want to keep your body hydrated from within, too.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to keep your style (and others’) fresh for every season, then Genesis Career College’s School of Beauty and Wellness is right for you! With programs in cosmetology, esthetics, and nail tech, you’re sure to find the first step on your new path with us.

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