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Are you interested in an exciting career as a Dental Assistant? Genesis Career College is offering a productive and comprehensive Dental Assistant Program at their South Atlanta campus that will properly prepare you for a career in this incredible field! Receive all of the necessary training that you need to begin a successful career as a dental assistant and begin doing what you love; helping people get healthy and beautiful teeth!

Dental Assistant Program in South Atlanta

Genesis Career College offers training in all the necessary procedures, techniques, and industry standards that you will need to know to become a successful dental assistant. A dental assistant is usually a Dental Office’s first line of defense when it comes to the “bed-side,” or “chair-side” impressions your patients receive. You help the dentist perform all of his or her usual procedures and check-ups.

You have to be prepared to adapt to the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of the dental world. While the daily tasks for each dental assistant are unique and tailored to each South Atlanta dental office, there are certain duties that every dental assistant must master:

  • Preparing the patient’s room for the upcoming procedure
  • Welcoming, seating, and draping the patient
  • Answering questions and requests from the patient
  • Sterilizing and delivering instruments for the dentist
  • Helping the dentist manage and administer emergency medical care
  • Maintaining a safe and sanitary environment
  • Keeping diligent and accurate documentation
  • Contributing to a dental team by adapting to the specific needs and duties of your position

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Is a Career as a Dental Assistant Right for You?

Being a dental assistant is a demanding job both physically and mentally. It takes a special type of person to become a successful dental assistant. If you possess most or all of the following qualities, it might mean that a successful career as a dental assistant is in your future.

The ideal Dental Assistant:

  • Is detail oriented
  • Is good with their hans
  • Has excellent interpersonal kills
  • Has exceptional listening capabilities
  • Is incredibly organized

Do these qualities describe you? These are the most essential skills when it comes to administering the best care for your patient. If you feel like this list is an accurate description of your skill set, you might be well suited for a career in this field!

Working as a Dental Assistant in South Atlanta

Becoming a South Atlanta dental assistant is an intelligent career move given its promising employment statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between the years of 2016 and 2026, employment prospects for the field will grow 19 percent, which is remarkably faster than the national average for other related careers.

Most dental assistants work in traditional dental offices, but there is a wide variety within this realm. As a certified dental assistant, you have the potential to work in exciting environments such as:

  • Solo Dental Offices
  • Group Practices
  • Specialty Practices
  • Schools
  • Non-profit Clinics
  • Hospital Clinics

With this type of environmental variety, the career opportunities are endless. You’ll be able to find the perfect opportunity in the ideal environment that suits you and your lifestyle. The versatility of this field allows for incredible professional freedom in career selection.

Getting Your Dental Assistant Certification in South Atlanta

Dental Assistants aid in medical procedures and invasive work that requires total competency in order to preserve the health and well-being of patients. In order to assure that you’re providing safe and effective assistance, the State of Georgia requires that you fulfill certain criteria before receiving your license.

Dental Assistants in Georgia must:

  • Have the minimum education level of a High School Diploma
  • Complete a minimum of 8 hours of on-the-job training
  • Complete a board-approved course in the anticipated field
  • Maintain up-to-date CPR certification

Genesis Career College offers one of the aforementioned board-certified courses that will allow you to begin working as a Dental Assistant in Georgia. The South Atlanta program is ideal for anyone in the Atlanta area looking to get certified in this booming field!

Genesis Career College Career Services

Here at Genesis Career College, our top priority is preparing you for success in your potential field, so we’ve created the best possible program to train you to succeed! We’re not a typical Dental Assistant Training Program; we extend beyond the bare minimum. All of our incredible students receive attentive and holistic instruction that prepares them for the real world, not just an exam. We also are proud to offer resume and cover letter writing classes, externships, mock job interview training, test prep, and mock exams to guide all of our students towards their successful future careers.

Get in touch with us! Find out how Career Services might be able to help you jump start your career!

At Genesis Career College, we offer financial aid to those that qualify. These programs can help you afford college through any combination of grants and student loans. We are a participant in the Title IV Federal Student Financial Aid program. The Financial Planner at each individual campus will assist you in completing your free application for Federal Student Aid.

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