How to Order Your Preferred Haircut at the Barber Shop

How many times have you gone to see your barber, told him what you’d like, and then walked away from your visit with a haircut that’s just not quite what you had in mind? For most guys, the kneejerk reaction is to blame it on the barber. Instead, the problem could be a lack of communication! To get the haircut you came for, try out these tips:

Be specific.

Let him know the style you want, how you’d like the neckline and arches (the space right around your ears) to look, if you want any length taken off, whether you’d like your sideburns trimmed, and whether you want any texture in your hair. These things are crucial to getting you the look you want.


One haircut does not fit all. After you’ve told your barber everything you want in a cut, he might have some feedback for you to help you get the best outcome. Sometimes the style you want will not look the same with your hair type. Perhaps your hair is not long enough to achieve the look you’re going for. Maybe the style you want just won’t be as flattering as you think. Your barber is there to help you look your best, so be sure to listen if he directs your ideas during your visit. A good barber will be able to modify the style you want to fit the hair you have and the best barber will communicate his plans. If he doesn’t, make sure to ask before the scissors hit your scalp.

Trust your gut.

Any good relationship, barbers included, requires communication on both ends. While it will take a couple of visits for you and your barber to set up a solid working partnership, you should eventually feel comfortable and able to trust him to give you what you want. If your barber doesn’t listen to your preferences, or won’t work with you to give you a great look that you feel comfortable with, it might be time to move on.

Understand that barbers aren’t magicians.

Sure, a skilled barber can use a pair of shears and a razor to do some pretty incredible things! They can’t, however, take you from totally bald to rocking a man bun in one visit. That’s an exaggeration, of course; the point is to simply be realistic in your expectations. If you do have a goal—maybe growing your hair out for a slick pompadour style or natural afro?—be sure to let your barber know. While he might not be able to make it happen that day, he can advise you on how to keep your hair healthy so that your ideal style is attainable. Plus, he can keep you looking fresh in the meantime.

Your barber wants you to love your cut. Stick to the tips above, and you’ll walk out of your next barbershop visit feeling confident and satisfied.

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