Ask a Nail Tech: Hottest Nail Art for Summer 2017

If you’re like us, you’re craving some new inspiration to spice up your nail art for summer. And who can blame you? Fashion Week was ripe with intriguing new trends and twists on old stand-bys to help take your manicure game to the next level this season. Your summer manicure should be bright and bold to complement all the adventures you’re seeking.

Nail Art for Summer 2017

Here are five of our favorite summer manicure trends, fresh off the runway from New York Fashion Week 2017!

Diamond Nails

Woman's hand with diamond-inspired nails

Image Courtesy Teen Vogue.

Add some bling without a ring by creating a bold diamond-inspired statement with your nails. The striking style can be created with chunks of a slightly different cellophane that reflect light like facets of a diamond, resulting in a delicate yet edgy look.

Negative Space Nails

Woman's hand with stripe manicure utilizing negative space

Image Courtesy The Fashion Spot.

More and more designs are leaving sections of the nail blank to create unexpected geometric creations that deserve a double take. Not only does negative space look great against otherwise bold graphics, it’s also completely doable without a gel manicure.

Painted Cuticles

Woman's hands with multi-color painted cuticles

Image Courtesy The Real Style Network.

Giving your cuticles tiny metallic tabs, also known as ‘nail shadows,’ gives the nails a much needed break from attention and embellishes cuticles instead. Painted cuticles are best suited for short nails, and this minimalistic approach gives just the right amount of accent with almost zero drying time.


Woman's hand with blue gradient manicure

Image Courtesy LadyLife.

Here, the ombré look has been elevated using creme polishes with metallics. Whether it be with two colors or three, gradients are a fun way to use many different hues in a subtle, tie-dye-looking way.

Dimensional Appliques

Woman's hand with 3D nail manicure

Image Courtesy Chalkboard Nails.

Nails are growing not just in length but in thickness, thanks to some incredible three-dimensional appliques. We’ve seen jewels, beads, pink fuzz and even puppy faces! This isn’t one of those summer nail art trends that everyone can get away with, but if your job is more permissive, go for it!

Learn More About Nail Art

Ready to change up your static, single-color summer manicure? Our favorite summer 2017 nail solutions are great for home or salon inspiration. If you want to take your nail art game further, check out Genesis Career College’s Nail Technician program, and go pro! We’re enrolling students now in Nashville, Lebanon, Dalton, Cookeville, and Daphne.

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