My Journey Has Just Begun

Genesis Career College changed my life; knowing where I was before I began my journey and knowing where I am now is something that I’m very proud of. My name is Kim; I’m a recovered drug addict, and a child and spousal abuse survivor. I lived in a very dark world most of my life and the only thing that has ever shed any light into my life was taking care or helping others.

2013 is the year that I will forever remember as the year that I found the light inside myself. In January, I got away from a very demeaning, disastrous relationship. I worked seven days a week as a nurse’s aide and I struggled everyday. I went to GED classes, and by March I had it! A few days later my best friend found Genesis and begged me to call, so I did. The day before I was to meet someone from the school I became very ill; I went anyway and signed up for classes, not fully sure I would go through with it.

I spent two weeks in the hospital, had surgery, and was told by two different doctors that I had to have someone watching over me. I shouldn’t have lived through it. I started school just a couple of weeks later. I instantly knew I was supposed to be there and that I needed to do this. Many things went in a totally wrong direction and I tried to quit several times but the people at GCC pushed me to finish.

I loved the learning environment and the fact that I had freedom to go through my own spiritual changes during the program because I wouldn’t have made it if not. I learned so much; not only did I gain knowledge in subjects that I never even thought of, but I continued to learn more about the subjects I already knew. What I learned most was who I really am and my purpose in life. It’s okay to be good to myself. I can be myself and the right people will love me exactly as I am. I’m a healer and that’s what I’m meant to do.

I graduated in December and it was a day of mixed emotions. I was happy because I accomplished my goal. I had finished. Yet, I was very sad to leave so many people that had become my family over the last nine months. I have found a career that I love and made many life long connections with so many amazing people. My journey has just begun, but without this program I wouldn’t have even known where to start.

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