Movember: How to Sport Your New ‘Stache

Movember is an annual event during which men grow mustaches to demonstrate their support for a variety of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s mental health. The aim is to de-stigmatize these illnesses and encourage universal acknowledgment of protection measurements. Men grow mustaches to show their support and spark important conversations about men’s health. It’s a thoughtful and simple way to raise awareness for these issues, so many men are sporting fresh mustached faces this November. If you’re participating, here are our favorite mustache trends of 2019 to help you choose the look of your new stylish ‘stache. 

The Handle Bar

This is the classic mustache trend that just keeps coming back into style. It gives a polished and distinguished appearance but requires some serious maintenance to keep it looking fresh. Try trimming regularly to keep the ends uniform and twirl up the sides with a bit of beeswax to give your mustache that whimsical edge. 

The Pencil Mustache 

This look was originally popularized by the wacky director John Waters but has recently been brought back into favor by celebrities such as Brad Pitt. It’s a bold look, but can be executed with success if meticulously maintained. Trim regularly above the mustache to preserve that crisp thin line. 

The Walrus 

Affectionately referred to as “the Walrus,” this adventurous style was hugely popular in the 19th century. It has recently become popular again with the romanticization of the “mountain man” trope, as this is a rugged and powerful style best suited for men who are able to grow thick and luscious facial hair in a short amount of time. 

The Chevron

This style is iconically associated with 1980s heartthrob Tom Selleck, to the extent that it’s also often referred to as “The Selleck.” This is a hearty, classic style that never seems to go out of fashion. This is also best for men with active facial hair follicles, as the look is famous for being full and thick. 

The Horseshoe

The Horseshoe is perhaps the “toughest” look of them all. It was made famous by Hulk Hogan and has since made its way into various “tough guy” personas and biker communities alike.  Carefully remove the hair from the center of the chin, but keep it thick above the lip and the sides. 


This is perhaps the most realistic look if you’re only going to be growing out this stache for one month. It involves using some scruffy stubble to highlight your new ‘stache. Simply trim the stubble of your beard to be slightly shorter than the mustache area. This will give the subtle facade of a mustached face without much effort or length to the hair. 

Taking Care of Your New Stache 

While many choose to just let their mustache run wild, there is a wide variety of grooming methods and styles to consider for a more curated look. Once you have your fresh new mustache, it’s important to know how to take care of it properly so that it flourishes! Facial care maintenance is serious business and should be performed daily, not only to keep your look sharp but to stay hygienic as well. Beards and mustaches are effective traps for dead skin cells, so make sure you’re exfoliating regularly to remove them and stimulate the follicles. A healthy diet is also essential for beard health, as getting all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients encourages hair growth. 

Once the hair grows in, the real work begins. It’s important to regularly trim and shape whatever mustache style you choose. This will keep your look polished and suave. Try running some beard oil through it with your fingers for added softness. Combing through it on the daily is also highly recommended for both aesthetic and hygienic reasons. For more detailed jobs, master barbers are excellent resources. Go to a local hair salon or barbershop and you can have them shape, trim, and condition your new ‘stache, as well as provide important insight on future care. 

If you’re considering becoming a barber and helping people find their best ‘stache, check out Genesis Career College and get started! 

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