Johntonn Collins: Genesis Career College Master Barber Graduate

My name is Johntonn Collins and I am Genesis Career College Master Barber graduate. After leaving the military, I worked various jobs. At my last position, I was a foreman at a fire sprinkler company. I received licenses and certifications which enhanced my knowledge in the Fire Suppression Field. However, due to economic strains and company cut backs I was laid off. Even with my accomplishments, work was very hard to find. I was unemployed for two and a half years.

One day, on my way to get a haircut from Wakius Hereford, I learned that he was an instructor at a local, downtown barber college. I later visited Genesis Career College in downtown Nashville and was so impressed that I immediately enrolled. During my tenure at the school, I won student of month and was a part of the three-man team that won the Music City Sports Festival Competition in 2013.

I currently cut hair at the Red Carpet Barber Shop. Not only do we provide barbering services, but we also provide tutoring and do community service throughout the Nashville area. The ‘unpaid’ work that I do, like mentoring young, disenfranchised youth and having food basket giveaways, is not something that we do just during the holidays; we are involved in our community year round.

I would like to thank Genesis Career College for helping me get started on my new path. Genesis has not only helped me to better myself, but they gave me the tools and opportunities to help others as well.