Has Your Makeup Kit Expired?

Is your makeup kit littered with eyeshadow colors that were in style five years ago? What about that eyeliner you bought for your Halloween costume last October?

Many of us are notorious for holding on to our makeup long after its expiration date, but removing expired products from your makeup kit is extremely important. As time passes, cosmetics are prone to bacteria buildup, so keeping your makeup kit essentials fresh can help prevent skin irritation, breakouts, and other potential infections.

How long does makeup last?

It depends on the product! Changes in texture, color or smell are always a sign it’s time to part with a product. But since we can’t actually see bacteria, use this handy list to help you better understand when to throw out different makeup products and how to extend their shelf life to the max. Spring is the perfect season for cleaning, so why not bring that energy to your makeup bag as well?


Keep for: 3-6 months
Pro tip: Swirl the wand inside the container rather than pumping it. This decreases the amount of air (and therefore bacteria) getting into the container.

Liquid eyeliner

Keep for: 6-8 months
Pro tip: Toss your liquid eyeliner if you get an eye infection. We always want to be extra careful with products we use close to our eyes.

Eyeliner pencil

Keep for: 1 year
Pro tip: Pencils last much longer than liquid, just be sure to sharpen regularly to keep the tip clean.

Foundation (packaged in a pot)

Keep for: 6 months
Pro tip: Because you’re constantly touching this type of foundation, it needs to be replaced more often.

Foundation (with a pump)

Keep for: 1-2 years
Pro tip: Pumps keep your foundation free from bacteria and help to extend their shelf life.

Cream blush

Keep for: 12-18 months
Pro tip: Use clean hands when applying cream blush to keep it clean.


Keep for: 2 years
Pro tip: Keep your lipstick and lip gloss in a cool, dry place to extend the shelf life (that means not in your hot car!).

Powdered cosmetics like blush and eye shadow

Keep for: 2 years
Pro tip: Thankfully, powdered products are long lasting, but just be sure your brushes are clean!

Give your makeup kit a little love this spring cleaning season and your complexion will surely appreciate the fresh new feeling! If you’ve always wanted to learn more about makeup, now is the perfect time to look into the School of Beauty & Wellness at Genesis Career College, with locations in Nashville, Lebanon and Cookeville, TN, Dalton, GA and Daphne, AL.

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