How to Take Better Care of Your Hair this Winter

The winter season is the eternal enemy of moisture. The excessively dry air can suck the lusciousness of your skin, hair, and eyes. This year, we’re convinced to battle dryness and reclaim our hydration. Hair can be one of the toughest components to keep healthy and moisturized, but there are a few steps and precautions that we can all be doing to try to preserve hair health. Here are our favorite tips for taking better care of your hair during this chilly, dry season! 

#1: Get Yourself a Humidifier

The reason why you may find your hair to be drying out so much in the winter is the dry, dry air that we all have to brave during this time of the year. While you still have to deal with it when you go outside, you can make the air inside your home a little more bearable. TRy out a humidifier to add some additional water back into the air. This will slow down the effects of the dry air outside and nourish your hair. As an extra perk, it is also good for your skin and sinuses, which can also dry out this time of year. 

#2: Wear a Hat

If you are thinking about some preventative measures you can take to protect your hair, look no further than a good hat. A knit beanie or cap will not only keep your head and ears warm, but it can also protect your hair and scalp from drying out too much in the cold and dry air. It also has the added bonus of looking super stylish! 

#3: Don’t Go Outside with Wet Hair

One of the worst things you can do for your precious ‘locs is to go outside in the cold with a wet head of hair. This is especially true if you live up North where the winters are sinfully cold. If you live in an area where the temperatures drop below freezing, your wet hair can quite literally freeze and break off, and no one wants broken hair. Allow your hair to fully dry before heading out into the chilly outdoors. 

#4: Use a Weekly Hair Mask

If you are already experiencing some dryness or frizziness, a great idea is to add a good hair mask into your weekly beauty routine. A hair mask is essentially an amplified conditioning substance that can help reverse some of the damage from the dry air. Most of them only take between 5 and 10 minutes, but they can make a massive difference in the overall health of your hair. 

#5: Cut Down on Heat Styling

Curling, straightening, or blow drying your hair with hot tools can be immensely damaging, leading to dryness and breakage. In the winter, you’re going to want to try to do everything in your power to combat these exact symptoms, so don’t exaggerate them with excessive heat styling. Try rocking your natural texture or experiment with heat free alternatives such as foam rollers. 

#6: Try Taking Slightly Cooler Showers

While everyone loves a nice warm shower, did you know that they can actually be immensely drying for your hair? The heat of the water can have a similar effect on your hair as a hot tool such as a curling iron, leading to a “fried” appearance when you do this in excess. As often as you can tolerate, try lowering the temperature of your daily showers by a few degrees to limit the damage to your lovely do’. 

#7: Cut Down on Frequent Washes 

Washing your hair too frequently can dry out your scalp and hair. The natural oils that your body produces can moisturize and nourish your scalp. Don’t wash them away too often. Try tying your hair up for every other shower. If you experience excessive oiliness, try out a dry shampoo to stretch your look between washes. 

#8: Try a Leave in Conditioner or a Hair Oil

If you’re used to the usual “wash and go” routine, you may have to switch it up for the colder months. Try using a leave-in conditioner or hair friendly oil (such as argan or jojoba) in your dry hair before styling. It can infuse extra moisture and make your hair look extra soft and shiny! 

#9: Get Regular Trims

The cold and dry air can sometimes cause your hair to become brittle, leading to more breakage than usual. This breakage can give the hair an unhealthy and messy appearance. Manage this by going to a barber or cosmetologist and getting frequent trims to cut off any breakage or split ends. 

#10: Skip the Bleach 

We all know that bleaching your hair can be drying and damaging, but often, we love the blonde look enough to put up with it. In the winter, these effects can be drastically amplified by the dry winter air. If you’re willing to compromise a bit, try a slightly darker shade for the winter to preserve as much hair health as you can. You can add some fun and style to your hairdo in other ways, such as a sassy up-do!

If you are interested in helping people achieve their most fabulous hair, consider a career in cosmetology!

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