How to Properly Disinfect Your Nail Salon

Safety Guidelines for Reopening Salons and Protecting Customers

How long has it been since your salon got a deep clean? Many hair and nail salons across the southeast are getting ready to open their doors for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March. While this might be a relief, it also comes with a great deal of responsibility for salon owners. It is more important than ever to make sure that your salon is perfectly clean and sanitary for your returning clients. Amping up your cleaning schedule can help to keep you, your staff, and your customers safer and happier than ever. It’s time for a complete disinfection of your salon, and here are our best tips on how to get your salon sparkling clean for when all of your clients return.

Protective Measures

Not only is sanitizing important for regular salon maintenance, but it’s especially important during these times when germs are the ultimate enemy. Your salon might have to rethink its regular standards to accommodate for these scary times. The most important thing is the health and safety of your staff and clients. Try to provide your staff with any protective measures that you can. If you have the resources to give them masks, gloves, face shields, and smocks, do so as frequently as you can to limit the amount of cross-contamination between staff members and customers. Make sure that you’re checking up on your co-workers and employees to make sure that anyone who exhibits symptoms is able to stay home to avoid any spreading of disease or germs.

Sanitize Your Tools

The tools are one of the most important things to sanitize in your salon since they come in close contact with all your clients. If you’re new to salon care, it’s important to remember that household disinfectants will not suffice in this case. Salon cleaners are more heavy-duty than typical cleaners. Look for cleaners that emphasize salon-grade quality and are labeled as being bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal. Check out the EPA guidelines for products that protect against human Coronavirus, since no products are certified against COVID-19 as of currently.  Many salons have machines that sterilize the tools in bulk, so if you have a high traffic salon, it might be worth the investment. Any immersion solutions should be switched out more regularly as soon as the solution becomes cloudy in order to improve sanitization standards.

Clippers, cuticle trimmers, brushes, and drills are all items that are at risk of carrying dangerous germs. Make sure that you are soaking, spraying, and drying your supplies in sanitary conditions to lower the risk of recontamination. Dirty tools can transmit diseases or at the very least, cause infections. Your tools come in very close contact with vulnerable skin such as cuticles, so you need to take extra care.

Clean Your Manicure Stations

Manicure stations can quickly become one of the dirtiest areas of your salon. They acquire dust and debris from daily use, and they include surfaces that are frequently touched by clients and staff. Be strict about the proper disposal of single-use tools such as drill bits and cardboard files, as these could spread germs from client to client.

Don’t forget to weed out the nonessential products that could be lingering and gathering germs. Throw out any expired or empty bottles of oils, lotions, or solvents. Make sure that all essential products have been wiped down and sanitized for the proper amount of time. Dispose of any products that have not been kept in a closed container, as these products could be contaminated by the open air.

Next, wipe down all the surfaces at the station, and this includes the insides of the drawers. While the drawers are empty, this is a great opportunity to organize them so that your salon is running smoother than ever when customers return.

Disinfect Pedicure Bowls and Chairs

Regular assessments of the pedicure stations is part of basic salon maintenance, but this is a great opportunity for a deep clean. Remove all parts of the bowl and disinfect them individually. “Clean all removed parts with soap and water, rinse in clear water and then immerse into properly diluted disinfectant for full recommended contact time.” Next, scrub the bowl with soap and water and reattach the removed parts. Wash the bowl again (this time with disinfectants) for a minimum of 10 minutes to allow the jets to get a thorough cleaning.

Pedicure chairs also get dirty during the regular salon activities, so they’re next on the cleaning list. Clean the fabric or leather with a cleaning solution meant for the material and follow up with an EPA approved disinfectant wipe. You also want to start cleaning these chairs after each client as opposed to at the end of the day.

Next, prep the pedicure station with clean towels, files, and tools for each client. Additionally, supply proper protective gear, ideally a mask and gloves for your staff to switch out between each service to limit contamination. Clean habits such as these will be important to keeping your salon safe as well as establishing trust between your staff and your clients. If the customers feel safe and clean, they’ll keep coming back.

Don’t Forget Exterior Surfaces and Doors

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to give your salon a facelift, now is a great time to do so. Show some love to the exterior facade of your salon that might not get as much regular attention. Wipe down windows and glass doors to get rid of those unattractive smudges. Additionally, it’s extra important to disinfect door handles right now, including the outside ones. Door handles are one of the most contaminated surfaces in your salon, so make sure that you’re thoroughly disinfecting them before clients return to your salon.

Get a Fresh Start 

Spring is usually a time of renewal, which is why it’s called spring cleaning. You can still have this feeling of a fresh start even during the current situation. You can take this time to refresh your salon and make it better than ever. Make sure that when it’s time to re-open, you’re ready for your clients with the clean and safe conditions that they deserve.

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