Helping Your Cosmetology Clients Reinvent Themselves for 2020

It’s the new year, and with that means countless clients wanting a fresh start and a new look. Many people use the new year as an opportunity to reinvent themselves and try out a new look to match their new perspective. This can mean any number of things, but common remedies are fresh new haircuts, hairdos, or experimenting with new makeup looks. As a cosmetologist, it’s your job to help them achieve these aspirations!

#1: Big Chops

This is around the time when many of your clients will be wanting drastic changes. This sometimes entails cutting off a significant chunk of their beautiful locks. The new year is a huge time for transformative cuts, but it’s also a ton of responsibility on you, their cosmetologist, to get their look just right! While the pressure is definitely on, there are many parts of your expertise that can be utilized to help you give your client the new look that they crave. 

Make Sure That They’re Sure

While it can be super fun to do drastic cuts like this, it’s often something done impulsively. To try to cut down on any post-chop regrets by having a clear and communicative discussion with your client about what they want long term for their look. Often times, when it’s framed in a less immediate way, people realize that they don’t want to commit to such a dramatic change so quickly. If you discuss the details with them and they’re still sure, chop away! 

Consider Their Hair Texture

Often times, people see photos of hair that they want to emulate, but its a completely different texture than their natural hair. Be honest with your client about if they hairstyle they want will complement their natural hair type. There’s nothing worse than a client expecting a smooth and sleek bob and ending up with an afro-esque do’ that they weren’t expecting. Figure out how to do a version of what they want, but make it work for their unique hair. 

#2: Going for Bangs 

Bangs are another hot ticket item that people use to renew their look. While they can add interest to the silhouette of their cut, make sure that they’re confident and ready for the maintenance that comes along with it. On most hair textures besides naturally smooth and straight, bangs require some sort of styling to get them to lay right. If your client is looking for a wash-and-go, sort of low maintenance look, let them know that bangs might not suit their lifestyle. If they still love the look but don’t want all the effort, you can suggest a longer, face-framing set of layers to add some dimension to the cut while still being long enough to pull up and away from your face if so desired. 

Additionally, take their face shape into consideration when performing this service. Talk with your client about how different shapes of bangs can have effects on the overall appearance of the face. For example, longer bangs can be used to create the appearance of a smaller forehead. Things like this can make your clients feel even more confident about their changed looks. 

#3: A Fresh Color

Coloring is another great way to totally change up a look. Whether its subtle highlighting or a drastic wild new color entirely, hair color changes your whole appearance. Talk to your client about what they want, and advise them about the various routes you see them like on themselves. Consider their skin undertones and try complimenting them with similar cool or warm undertones for their hair dye. 

#4: New Makeup Looks

Makeup is a little easier to experiment with than hair since the change will be much less permanent. While not as permanent, it’s still just as important that your client feels confident and beautiful in their updated face. 

If you’re doing makeup for an important event in their lives, you want them to feel polished and gorgeous, but you still want them to feel like themselves. If your client says that they want something a little more adventurous, feel free to get a little wild. To ensure that they still feel like themselves, ask what features on their face they usually like to accentuate. For example, if they usually like to bring focus to their eyes, you can still do that, but try out a new eye shadow color or new liner shape to mix it up slightly. 

A Fresh Start

A makeover can be immensely transformative to someone’s mindset. Being a cosmetologist can give you such a sense of fulfillment when you make a client’s day with their new look. In 2020, we’re trying to make the world a little more beautiful with our comprehensive Cosmetology program. If you’re interested, check out the Genesis Career College’s training program with a wide variety of locations! 

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