Truth or Just Trending: Debunking the Latest Skincare Trends

The skincare industry has been a booming market for the past few years. In fact, in the first quarter of 2019, the U.S. generated $1.4 billion in skincare sales, accounting for 60% of the total beauty industry profits. Markets are projecting 2020 to achieve far higher numbers. Consumers are continuously looking for the best products to solve their skincare concerns, and companies want to deliver innovative products guaranteed to exceed customer expectations.

With the help of social and digital media, people have all of the latest and greatest products and beauty trends at the tap of a button, leading to an influx of sometimes unnecessary information. This is why many skincare experts are exposing the “man behind the curtain” when it comes to ingredients and sheer product necessity (or lack thereof). What does your skin actually need? Which products should you be investing in? And which products should you toss in the trash? Is CBD actually good for your skin? Below, we break down some of the latest skincare trends and confirm if there’s truth to them or if they’re just trending.

Electrolytes + Niacinamide

In 2020, consumers are more aware of the ingredients found in their skincare products. Two ingredients on skincare enthusiasts’ radars are electrolytes and niacinamide. Electrolytes—primarily calcium, potassium, and magnesium—are new to the world of skincare. The three ban together to help the skin maintain hydration and improve function, creating the ultimate moisturizer.

Niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3) is no stranger to the label on the back of products, but it’s often overpowered by cheaper ingredients that don’t do much good for the skin. This ingredient works to revitalize your skin, minimize pores, boost collagen production, even out skin tone, and so much more. It’s a powerhouse of an ingredient. Many drugstores as well as prestigious brands are tuning into the hype, so you can expect to see this as the main ingredient in your routine.

So, truth or just trending? Definitely truth! Look for these ingredients to help unlock perfect skin.

Facial Cleansers

Technology is involved in every facet of our lives, so it’s no surprise it’s had quite an effect on skincare. Electronic facial cleansing devices hit the market several years ago, and they were a hit. However, not all facial cleansing devices are created equal.

Bristle facial cleansers are what we usually see as the face of the electronic cleanser market, but they come with some cons. Bristle cleansing devices can hold onto the bacteria you want to get rid of, and over time, they become worn down and virtually pointless. There goes that birthday money! But, there is a better alternative. Electronic silicone cleansing devices by the brand Foreo received +465% more hits on the internet in early 2020, making them a fan favorite. With a silicone material, you’re able to avoid bacteria, and it won’t break down over time.

So, truth or just trending? The bristle cleanser is just a trend; it’ll fade. Silicone cleansers are 100% truth, and they’re here to stay!

CBD Products

CBD products are all anyone in the beauty community can talk about due to the major shift to natural skincare. If you struggle with acne, CBD cleansers can work at a follicular level and help your skin release dead skin cells, regulate your skin’s natural oil, and suppress bacteria. The natural ingredient also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which can help treat a multitude of skin issues. CBD will penetrate the skin on a deeper level, unlike most cleansers, and treat both the symptoms and the cause. These products are great for teens managing tough acne or for adults who experience the occasional flare-up.

The downside? Unfortunately, the CBD market is unregulated, meaning proper studies and standardized dosage is virtually non-existent. “It’s kinda like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.” Our best advice? Do your research and buy from reputable brands. So, truth or just trending? We’re going with both. When it comes to CBD skincare, researchers are definitely onto something. Just shop smart, and consult your esthetician or dermatologist before incorporating it into your routine.

“Clean” Beauty

2020 has been a year surrounding all things health, inside and out. It’s no surprise some clean beauty brands have seen a significant increase in awareness. For example, the cult brand, The Ordinary, saw an uptick of 260% in clicks by the end of February. So, what is “clean beauty” exactly? And why is it so popular? Clean beauty is anything with organic and/or natural ingredients, which is very appealing for those looking to simplify their skincare routine.

However, some clean beauty terms are not regulated, so anything goes. You can have a product that claims to be “all-natural,” but it may contain a range of preservatives (which isn’t necessarily terrible as they serve to ward off bacteria and fungus growth). Some companies marketed as “clean” simply mean “more transparent ingredients.” At the end of the day, clean skincare and beauty isn’t a bad thing, but it needs more research and regulation.

So, truth or just trending? For now, it’s trending. In most cases, “clean” formulations are better than brands that formulate products with every chemical ever created. Again, shop smart and consult your esthetician or dermatologist. We’re hopeful this year will deliver a push for more research in the field of natural and clean skincare.

Take Care of Your Skin Today

So, what should you be doing to take care of your skin? Topical skin care treatments can only take you so far. Up your skincare game by developing a routine that will take care of your skin, inside and outside. Check out our blog How to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer to learn more about incorporating simple steps into your skincare regimen.

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