Emily Erskine: A New Career in Cosmetology

I picked cosmetology as my career because I love making people feel good about themselves. Genesis Career College in Daphne was the first school I picked; it was close to home, allowing me to be active at school without a long commute.

The cost of attendance was affordable and the campus had great reviews. All of these things cemented my decision to attend. The time I spent at school was a little hard. I had several potential obstacles in my way: a full time job, a full time class schedule, and on top of this I was newly married.

Although I had to make it all work together, I am so glad I did. The learning experience at Genesis Career College was great. I loved all of the instructors on campus. They were an extremely important part of me becoming a successful cosmetologist, and they helped me become the person that I am today.

Genesis Career College not only got me ready for graduation and licensing, but they helped me find my job. I’m now working as a stylist at Salon Karma, and I love it! I haven’t worked in a better place, and I’m glad for the experiences that brought me to this point in my life. I love the joy and passion I get from working in the cosmetology industry, and one day I’d like to pass that along to students who, like me, will benefit from caring and knowledgeable teachers.

I plan to return to Genesis Career College after I’ve been licensed for at least one year, and pursue the cosmetology instructing course. I hope to follow in the footsteps of the instructors who so strongly impacted my life.