Best Makeup Tips for Springtime Allergies

Best Makeup Tips for Springtime Allergies

Springtime is known for a multitude of things—from April showers and May flowers to intense allergies. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, then you know the annual struggle; you also know how challenging your relationship with your makeup is this time of year. Symptoms like watery eyes can lead to smudged mascara, while puffiness and redness can ruin a perfect look completely. So how do you stay looking fresh all spring long? Let’s unpack five ways to keep your makeup fresh, regardless of pollen count.

1. Start with Skincare

To avoid dry, puffy skin from allergies, prime your skin with a few simple skincare products. If your eyes and skin are sensitive, steer clear of anti-aging products and heavy-duty ingredients, particularly around your eyes. Instead, use a basic eye cream and a lightweight moisturizer with SPF. To eliminate puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, use an under-eye treatment or a cooling cream, and stay hydrated. Be sure to thoroughly massage these products into the skin for optimal coverage and desired results. To reduce swelling, use an ice pack, cold metal spoons, or a cold, wet cloth on your face for 5 to 10 minutes before applying makeup. You can also submerge your face in a bowl of ice water to depuff.

2. Contour, Contour, Contour

If your allergies cause swelling, create an illusion with a good contour and highlight. Start by sweeping a matte bronzer under your cheekbones, on other key areas like the sides of your nose and the outer edges of your forehead. You can also use a matte brown eyeshadow in your crease and under your lower lash line to contour your eye and reduce the appearance of puffiness. If a runny nose causes redness, use a highlighter on the bridge and tip of your nose and a light dusting on your cheekbones. 

3. Cover Redness with Concealer

Along with swelling, seasonal allergies tend to cause redness from irritation. There are a few simple ways to hide this colorful symptom, though…

4. Think Ahead with Waterproof Products

While many avoid waterproof makeup for a more simple formula, these products turn into lifesavers during allergy season. When pollen or other irritants make your eyes watery, waterproof mascara and eyeliner will stay put. Best of all, most waterproof liners come in pencil and liquid forms, so you can have options. If you’d rather ditch the eye makeup altogether, consider a pair of comfortable false lashes.

Best Makeup Tips for Springtime Allergies

5. Keep Things Clean

Finally, be sure to regularly clean your makeup applicators to avoid allergens and makeup mishaps. Cosmetic buildup can often lead to worsening allergy symptoms; keep a box of alcohol swabs in your makeup kit to quickly clean items, like your eyelash curler, after each use. For your brushes, use brush cleaning wipes after each use and wash them once a week with a brush cleanser and lukewarm water. For a thorough clean, spray your brushes with the cleaner and swirl them on a silicone cleaning mat, then rinse the brush with lukewarm water and lay them flat for optimal drying.

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