Best Essential Oils for Your Beard

Best Essential Oils for Your Beard

How Essential Oils Can Promote Beard Growth

If you have a beard but aren’t committed to a strict care regimen, it’s time for a change. For optimal beard growth, thickness, and overall healthy hair, your beard needs a routine that caters to its specific needs as well as products specifically for your skin. This process includes proper cleansing, conditioning, brushing, and, perhaps the most crucial step: beard oil. 

What is beard oil, you ask?

Beard oil is a specific concoction of carrier oils and essential oils that help keep your beard (and the skin underneath) healthy, hydrated, and in tip-top shape. The mixture consists typically of one or two carrier oils that act as the product’s base and two to three essential oils that take it to the next level. These essential oils come with a list of unique benefits for your facial hair. Below, we’ll go over why essential oils are necessary for your beard-care products, the perks of using them, and which essential oils to look for in your next beard oil purchase. 

Why Should You Use Essential Oils? 

Beard oil is a crucial step for achieving a full, healthy beard; that means it’s important to find one that contains the right essential oils for your specific hair and skin needs. For example, if your beard is dry, damaged, and you struggle with dandruff, particular oils will work to revitalize your hair and hydrate your skin. Do you struggle with oily skin? Applying a beard oil enriched with the proper essential oils will regulate your natural sebum production without stripping away the natural oils from your facial hair. If you’re dealing with other issues, you can choose from a number of essential oils that work to cleanse, repair, strengthen, and maintain the overall health of one’s facial hair. Bottom line: Without these natural ingredients, your facial hair and skin would ultimately suffer. 

On top of keeping your facial hair soft and clean, the right combination of essential oils will lower the likelihood of developing ingrown hairs, acne, beard loss, and other skin issues like inflammation. If you struggle with growing your hair out or want a fuller, longer beard, essential oils will work from the roots to the ends and promote thickness and growth, free from split ends or dryness. Not to mention, you’ll smell like a dream.

What Are the Best Essential Oils to Use on Your Beard?

With thousands of essential oil options out there, it can be challenging to choose which ones would work best for your skin and hair type. 

Below is a list of the top beard oils and their benefits, so you can be sure to get exactly what you need from your new skincare product.

Lavender: This oil acts as an antimicrobial cleanser and is great for relieving dry, itchy skin and acne. Lavender also revitalizes the appearance of your beard hair.

Rosemary: Rosemary improves skin resiliency, reduces puffiness, and boosts circulation. It also supports growth and strengthens the hair. 

Vetiver: This essential oil is an antimicrobial cleanser that hydrates, moisturizes, tones, cools, and softens the skin while protecting it against the elements, promoting elasticity, and improving the texture. 

Patchouli: Patchouli squashes any foul odor and acts as an antibacterial cleanser decreases the size of your pores.

Cedarwood Oil: Do you have dry skin? This oil moisturizes your beard to relieve dry, flaky skin and itching. It also works to remove dirt, tighten skin, and ward off insects. Most importantly, it supports healthy beard growth.

Clove Bud: If you struggle with acne, clove bud is great for eliminating those painful bumps and reducing aging signs by removing dead skin cells. This oil also nourishes and fortifies your beard hair to help it grow thicker. 

Everything to Know About Essential Oils for Your Beard

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus has a multitude of benefits. It fights off any bad odors, reduces aging signs, alleviates dryness, and adds shine and thickness to your beard. 

Lemon: It’s no secret that lemon is a powerful cleansing agent. It can purify your skin and remove any dirt or bacteria from your pores. It also works to remove dandruff from your beard and add shine to the hair. 

Peppermint: For a cool and refreshed feeling, use peppermint oil. It removes dead skin cells and cleanses the hair without stripping away the natural oils, leaving your beard healthier, thicker, and more nourished.

Pine: Pine is excellent for revitalizing the appearance of your beard and strengthening the hair. It’s also great for dry and oily skin.

Sandalwood: This essential oil kills odor-causing bacteria and brightens skin that’s been affected by discoloration, dark spots, or sun damage. Overall, it’s perfect for nourishing your skin and beard.

Tea Tree: If your beard needs a full wellness treatment, tea tree oil is the answer. It repairs split ends and dry, damaged hair by moisturizing and fortifying the roots. It also thickens the hair and gives it shine, softness, and texture.

Your Beard Will Thank You…

Creating a beard-care routine and incorporating specialized products into your regimen is a great place to start. Still, we highly recommend seeing a master barber regularly to ensure your skin and beard are getting everything they need. You can’t beat that professional touch! 

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