Beard Grooming Tips: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Beard

Facial hair has made its official comeback in recent years, and it’s trendier than ever to let your beard run wild. Many men strive to achieve the perfect bearded look but struggle to find the right beard routine that best suits them and their lifestyle. Facial hair requires maintenance just like the hair on your head, but beard care is an often forgotten luxury.

You may be wondering how the men you see in movies and magazines achieve such a lush and handsome profile. The key to your best beard is simple: take proper care take of it. While your ability to grow a flawless beard is partially attributed to genetics, there are some things that you can be doing to optimize your routine and achieve your full beard potential.  Try out these beard-care tips to keep yourself looking handsome and well-groomed 24/7.

1: Pick the Best Type of Facial Hair for Your Face Shape

Everyone has their own personal facial hair style, but it’s possible that your current beard isn’t doing all that it can for your overall profile. Just like with haircuts, certain styles look best on certain face shapes. Experiment with different shapes to see what you like best. Beards can be used to accentuate specific features that you like about your face or conceal those that you don’t want to be as prominent.

For example, it’s common for men to want the appearance of a stronger or sharper jawline. For men with rounder faces, carefully groomed facial hair can give the illusion of a more chiseled jaw.  Try out a goatee or a similar shape that puts a heavier emphasis on the chin to give the jaw a less rounded appearance. On the other hand, if you have an especially prominent jawline that you don’t want to emphasize as much, try a fuller, rounder shape to soften and tone down your sharper features.

2: Wash Your Beard Regularly

We hope that this would be an obvious one, but it’s one of the most important components of obtaining a full and healthy beard. Making sure that the beard itself and the skin underneath is properly cleaned and maintained will drastically improve its health and appearance. Your face produces oil, just as your scalp does, so it’s equally as important to be washing regularly to keep your beard from collecting grime.

Taking good care of your beard hygiene can also help you achieve a thicker beard. Proper washing and exfoliation routines can help stimulate hair follicles to speed up hair growth, producing a more even and luscious beard. Additionally, dead skin trapped on your face can prohibit proper hair growth.

3: Don’t be Afraid of a Little Product

Once again, the hair in your beard is not drastically dissimilar from that on your head. Much like an oil or pomade that you might use on your regular hair, there are similar beauty products available to enhance your facial hair. Beard oil is wildly popular amongst the most devout bearded men, and for good reason. Conditioning your beard with some oil can increase its lush factor dramatically and leave you feeling soft and supple.

If you’re going for a more eccentric look, moustache wax is sure to impress. Wax-based products can be used to sculpt your facial hair into works of art. This is a great way to achieve that classic handlebar moustache look you’ve always wanted to try.

4: Run a Comb Through Your Beard

Brushing through your beard on a daily basis is an important part of every bearded man’s routine. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re keeping yourself fresh and maintained. We all know that beards can be major crumb catchers, and brushing makes sure that you’re void of any sneaky bits that your napkin may have missed. Regularly combing through your beard can keep it clean, tangle-free, and even improve its appearance, as combing smooths away any scraggly hairs.

5: Feed Yourself and Your Beard

Diet and lifestyle also impact how your beard grows. Getting enough nutrients and protein in your diet can impact every aspect of your health, including your facial hair. Taking good care of what goes into your body can improve how your beard grows. A poor diet can prohibit full beard growth and slow the process entirely. High protein levels and proper vitamin intake can help your beard grow fuller and faster, with the added benefit of overall health.

Find a Master Barber You Trust

Even if you follow all of these at-home, beard-grooming tips perfectly, there are certain things that can be difficult to do yourself, and that’s where it’s important to have a master barber that you trust. A master barber can provide beard maintenance that exceeds at-home care and help you to obtain the beard you always dreamed of.

Are you interested in helping people look their best? If you want to learn more beard grooming tips and how to help people optimize their own beards, you should consider a career as a master barber. Learn more about the Master Barber Program at Genesis Career College today.

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