Nail Fails: The Worst Manicure & Pedicure Stories on Record

Manicures and pedicures are generally thought of as a fun and relaxing way to treat yourself to something nice, but there’s a not-so-pretty side of the nail industry lurking underneath the surface. While the vast majority of manicures are a fun treat, it seems like everyone who regularly gets their nails done has at least one horror story of when things didn’t go so well. We started asking around to see what sort of stories we could come up and were surprised just how many people have a bad story to share!

At Genesis, our nail tech students learn every tip and trick available to avoid these kinds of nail fails:

Bad Manicures and Sad Pedicures

Over Exfoliation

A nice exfoliating scrub sounds like a great way to pamper your skin, but not when it’s taken too far. Maybe this technician wasn’t used to having male customers with a little more hair on their skin, but she rubbed the scrub so forcefully that all his hair was rubbed off. He said it felt like someone took a belt sander to his skin! If this nail tech had attended Genesis, this never would have happened.

The Outspoken Nail Tech

Sometimes folks just don’t know when to keep their mouth shut. Someone shared with us the story of when her nail
technician wouldn’t stop shaming her for biting her nails. At one point the tech had the nerve to say, “Don’t bite your nails; make your mama proud!” We get our nails done to relax, not to feel guilty.

The Over-Soaked Pedicure

The foot bath is always a pleasant part of getting a pedicure, but there’s a fine line for timing. One person shared their experience of a technician letting her feet soak for too long. Her skin was so soft when it came time to remove the dead skin that the technician nicked off the tip of her toe. It wouldn’t stop bleeding, so they tried using a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding, without success. No one wants to see blood while at the nail salon! Genesis nail tech students always learn the perfect timing to avoid exfoliating after too long of a foot soak.

Christmas Eve in the Hospital

This one takes the cake. After a pre-holiday trip to the nail salon, one woman found herself with such a bad bacterial infection that she had to spend her Christmas Eve in the hospital getting it treated. So much for those special holiday nails! Our students always learn the necessary steps to disinfect tools used for spa services, and prevent situations like this one.

The good news is that a properly trained nail technician would never allow any of these things to happen at their station! Genesis Career College offers a Nail Technician program as a part of our School of Beauty & Wellness where you can learn to avoid these nail fails and more.

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