5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Shaved Head

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Shaved Head

How to Maintain a Shaved Head at Home

Are you tired of your regular haircut? Do you want to try a new look? What better way to stand out from the crowd than by shaving your head? Many well-known celebrities and athletes, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tim Howard, already rock the style, so it’s safe to say the clean-shaven look is pretty popular. While a shaved head is relatively easy to maintain, there are a few tips and tricks you should follow. If you’re thinking of shaving your hair down to your dome or you’ve already taken the leap of faith, use these five tips to keep your skin healthy and your head looking pristine. 

1. Invest in some new products

Going for the clean-shaven look comes with its perks, like spending less time getting ready in the mornings and saving money from buying fewer products. However, as we all know, hair does grow back after it’s been cut, or in this case, shaved. To keep up with your new style, you’ll want to invest in some new products. 

These products include:

  • A razor
  • Spare razor blades
  • Shaving cream
  • Scalp cleanser
  • Exfoliant
  • Moisturizing oil or post-shave balm
  • Sunscreen

2. Stay moisturized

It’s been said before. The key to healthy, hydrated skin is a decent moisturizer. And like any other part of your body, your scalp also needs to be moisturized. Doing so will prevent dry, peeling skin and reduce wrinkles. On top of that, many moisturizers contain various amounts of SPF, so your skin can stay protected from the sun. 

Along with its various health benefits, your moisturizer can also help you achieve whatever look you’re going for. If you like your bald head to have a little bit of shine, go for a standard moisturizer. However, if you’re looking for a more muted appearance, use a mattifying moisturizer.

3. Shampoo and condition

While you may no longer have a head full of hair, now is not the time to go throwing out your shampoo and conditioner. Since your scalp and its pores are exposed due to the lack of hair, you may notice more dirt and oil build-up. The next time you shower, use a dime-sized amount of shampoo and follow up with a pea-sized amount of conditioner. This will keep your head clean and clear of flakes, dirt, and oil. 

While using soap or body wash may seem okay, they can be drying and make an irritated, peeling scalp worse. The bottom line? Only use products meant for your hair.

5 Expert Tips for Taking Care of a Shaved Head

4. Massage your scalp

To promote healthy blood circulation and glowing skin, try massaging your scalp. You can do this small act of self-care while you wash your head or when you apply your daily oils and moisturizer. 

For a thorough massage:

  1. Use your fingertips and apply adequate pressure to your scalp.
  2. Then, move your fingers in a circular motion and massage starting at your forehead.
  3. From there, move to the crown of your head, then down the back of your neck.

5. Keep it clean

Those with a head full of hair tend to forget about the fact that their mane soaks up the majority of the sweat, dirt, and other grime that finds its way in throughout the day. This is not the case for people living with shaved heads. To keep your head clean, you’ll need to fight against your perspiring scalp by using a gentle antiperspirant. Lightly swipe it across the top of your head one to two times before bed. This will give the ingredients time to soak in and do their thing before going out into the world. Another quick way to fight against a dirty scalp is to use a gentle face wipe throughout the day.

Pro Tip: See A Master Barber

While these tips are easy to follow on your own, there’s nothing quite like a professional’s touch. Our master barbers train alongside seasoned professionals and gain experience through in-class instruction and real-world experience. On top of giving you the style you desire, our barbers can recommend products that best suit your needs. If you’re interested in becoming a master barber, visit our site, learn more about our admissions process, and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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