5 Pumpkin Spice Beauty Products to Try This Fall

It’s official: Fall is here! We get to welcome an abundance of colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, and all things pumpkin—yes, that includes skincare products. While pumpkin beauty products might not be the first things you think of when it comes to the orange fruit, pumpkins contain many properties that work wonders for all skin types. From dry and oily to aging and acne-prone, the pumpkin can do it all.

We searched high and low for pumpkin beauty products that keep your skin looking and feeling its absolute best all autumn long. Below, we’ll list five of our favorite items, their benefits, and where you can get your hands on them.

Grab your pumpkin spice latte, and let’s dive in.

1. Pumpkin Powerhouse: Resurfacing & Exfoliating Enzyme Mask

Bliss | $15

A good face mask is highly beneficial. Aside from being a great way to unwind, using a face mask has profoundly restorative benefits that are essential for youthful skin. The Pumpkin Powerhouse uses pumpkin enzymes to gently exfoliate and resurface by removing dead skin cells. The mask is also made with pumpkin seed oil, which helps to treat acne, minimize the effects of aging, moisturize, soothe, reduce redness, and control oil production. When these elements combine, they make this inexpensive product the perfect addition to anyone’s beauty routine.

2. PH + Enzyme Essence Face Serum

Kat Burkie | $100

Serums are another vital step to every skincare routine. Since serums are made with smaller molecules, they can penetrate the skin more deeply and work wonders. We recommend finding a serum, like this one from Kat Burkie, that contains pumpkin enzyme: a bioactive ingredient packed with iron, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin K. These essential components combine to replenish the skin, fortify its natural protective barrier, and boost collagen production—so you can kiss aging goodbye.

As mentioned before, the pumpkin enzyme also functions as a gentle exfoliant. If you suffer from redness, inflammation, oily, or acne-prone skin, look for this ingredient in your next serum purchase.

3. Cleansing Oil

Mad Hippie | $17.99

It’s time to ditch your harmful face wipes for a powerful cleansing oil, which works to gently remove makeup and lift dirt or other impurities from your skin. The best oils, however, are those made with pressed pumpkin seeds, like this one from Mad Hippie. The pumpkin seed oil has impressively high concentrations of multiple vitamins, minerals, and omegas. These work together to nourish dry, damaged, and aging skin while boosting your skin’s natural radiance.

4. Pumpkin Body Lotion 10%

Arcona | $35

You’ve probably heard it a million times… You need moisturize, especially during the drier months. It truly is one of the more important steps in taking care of your skin. The Pumpkin Body Lotion from Arcona uses pumpkin extract that is rich in vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene. These nutrients actively work together to restore and repair damaged skin. On top of that, the extract improves your skin’s elasticity and fights off signs of aging. If you experience frequent skin irritation due to allergies or other skin conditions, lotions like this one are excellent for soothing and nurturing your skin.

5. Fig + Yarrow: Bath + Body Oil in Meadow

ibeautycity | $78

A great way to create your very own “at-home spa day” is by lighting a few candles, turning on some easy listening, and adding some aromatic oils to a warm bath. Fig + Yarrow developed a woodsy bath and body oil that soothes and replenishes dry or irritated skin using pumpkin seed oil. When this oil is added to a warm bath, your skin absorbs it for a deeply nourishing and detoxifying experience. Once you’re dry and cooled off, your skin will retain that moisture and work to heal and soothe any damaged or irritated skin.

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