Career Assistance

Medical Assistant Training Programs
At Genesis, getting you ready for your career involves a lot more than classroom instruction. Whether you’re attending cosmetology school in Nashville or a massage therapy program in Bowling Green, KY, we want you to know you’re not alone in your quest for a better job.

Help with Landing a Job

Genesis offers the following career services:

  • Cover letter / resume writing classes
  • Practice job interviews
  • Professional development classes

Students are encouraged to treat their time at Genesis as if they are already in their prospective fields displaying professionalism at all times.

Specialized Career Training

During your program, we offer additional training related to the field you’ve chosen:

  • Externships give you real-world experience early on in your training, so you can see firsthand what it’s like in the field and put your newly acquired skills to use. Get ready to show employers you’ve got what it takes to succeed!
  • Mock state board classes show you what to expect, so you can take your exam with confidence.
  • Lifetime career placement is our ultimate commitment to your success: With our career placement services for life, you never have to look for a job alone.

Genesis also offers resources such as our guides on how to become a medical assistant or how to become a pharmacy technician. Want to know more about how we’ll help you transition from the classroom into a successful career? Contact us at (800) 639-7284 or request more information below!

Ready to Start Your New Career?

Healthcare Career Training Programs
Genesis Career College was founded to provide an unparalleled educational experience to all students, equipping each with the skills they need to pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career regardless of your previous educational experience.

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